Hey there, I’m Kate.

     I am a wife, mom and business woman. I feel like each of those titles deserves it own profound sentence. They require so much from us, however I do love each one of them. I have three boys and one daughter. My oldest son, is out of the house and living his own life. My second oldest son is in the army, stationed in Hawaii. Yeah, I know. I’m jealous too! You should see his snapchat photos. I’m so jealous, I’m jelly. Haha. I also have a black lab that I adore and his name is Buckley, he’s 3. He and I are pretty tight. Let me explain, I am living with one teenage girl and one pre-teen boy. Buckley is really the only one that likes me much right now, haha. My husband Michael of 14 years is awesome, he really encourages to be my best self. He works hard, loves us like crazy and is always there when we need him!

     I have 3 passions in life, my faith, my family and helping others. In this business I work along side women who are moms, full-time employee’s, small business owners and everything in between! I have met an entire tribe along the way. Personally being a mom, entrepreneur and woman in the world, we are all looking to relate and connect to someone else. Life is tough and it takes a sisterhood of women and a good bottle of dry shampoo to survive.

     My business is such a big part of me. It allows me to grow everyday! At Rise and Shine, I have two components to my business, paint parties and DIY sign making kits. I am located in North West, IN.

     When Covid-19 showed up, it really pumped the breaks on my business. As a small business owner, I was struggling, I won’t lie. So many people were bored out of their minds, including myself with this new found time. I decided to create a painting kit out of my signs! Just because a global pandemic hits, doesn’t mean we stop liking to create. As a creator, this is what I came up with. I literally had to get creative!

     Connecting with others became interesting very quickly. Zoom meetings weren’t just for business’s any more. Trust me, they can be more fun than you think! Gathering your friends, ordering a sign and picking a date to meet and wa-lah, you have a paint party! I’ll give you the guided tour of creating your own masterpiece!

     Be sure to swing by the How-To page and check out my video’s. I’m always uploading new stuff! I hope you all enjoy what I have created and don’t be shy to reach out and ask a question! I’m always here to help!

Many Blessings,


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